Event Fire Cover

North of England Fire and Rescue Service take pride in delivering an efficient service to fit the needs of your event, ranging from 1 Hour, 1 Day, 1 Week or on a permanent basis, whatever your needs we can fulfil your requirements.

We can provide all fire & medical cover for any event whether is is a music festivals, vehicle show, firework display, bonfire night, racing circuit or steam rally we can cover any indoor or outdoor event.  Our fire engines are even fitted with dust suppression equipment for damping down roads and circuits. We are able to taylor our services to your needs.

Steam Rally Traction Engine Event Fire Safety support Water Transport
Steam Rally support
In addition to fire protection, North of England Fire and Rescue Service, fire engines and Water support vehicle can transport water around a rally field – perfect for filling steam engine’s or industrial type events.

Community Events / Village Fetes / Agricultural Shows
North of England Fire and Rescue Service are happy to attend local fetes and community events. We can provide a display of fire fighting techniques if required and nothing pleases a child better than seeing a nice red fire engine with blue flashing lights! We can also show children around the appliances and discuss the dangers of fire.

Music Festival Event First and Medical Cover Glastonbury type eventsMusic Festivals
North of England Fire and Rescue are fully equipped to give full fire and medical cover to all music events, whether your music festival is for 1 day or a full week we can cater for your every need.

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